How To Use A GPS To Survey Land


GPS relies on triangulation, but does not involve any angles. Instead, it uses basic geometry to determine the position of objects. By using one of several GPS products, you can find the corners of your land. By using this technology, you can survey your property more accurately than by using other methods. In some cases, it might even be required by law for a project to use GPS surveying before it can commence.

Preparation is the Key

Any information you can obtain about the location you intend to survey will assist you in creating a GPS survey more easily. Print out field maps, for example, so you have the locations you will pinpoint in mind before you even begin.

Find a Good Location

Find a good base area that is open. If you are concerned about your equipment being stolen, you should find an area that is a well-known benchmark. Then, choose a location that is concealed, but can establish good communication with satellites. If possible, avoid areas that have evergreen trees because they are more likely to interfere with the satellites. Select a static location.

If the location is perfect, the GPS will be able to accurately determine the coordinates of the device. Therefore, if you will be surveying for more than one day, you will want to mark the location with an indicator so that you will remember the location.

Use the Presets

Fortunately, GPS tools usually have control points for locations that have already been verified and surveyed. These presets make it easier to create a grid. From the presets, you can then measure other plots nearby. Plot the points on the GPS and use traditional methods, such as measuring tools, to back up your readings. Complete the survey by moving from one plot point to another. Once you have completed each of the points, plug in the already calculated locations to finish the survey.

Seek Out a Good Signal

Sometimes, the signal might become weak. This is a sign that you will need to move the GPS to a different monument or plant the rod somewhere else.

You will want to find out whether your own DIY land surveying will be considered valid by your state. You can always use a GPS on your own to conduct a land survey, but depending on your state, you might need to hire a professional land surveyor to officially determine your property boundaries.

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22 July 2015

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