Safety Tips For Using A Wood Chipper


If you are trimming or cutting trees on your property, you'll find that using a wood chipper is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get rid of all that wood. The chipper will take the branches and turn them into very small wood chips almost instantly. This is a lot more practical than cutting all the wood up yourself, or even hiring someone else to do it for you. If you do consider using a wood chipper, you need to be aware of the dangers that come with using a chipper. This article will teach you how to be safe with the wood chipper.

Possible risks of using a wood chipper

Using a wood chipper is very dangerous. It's important for you to understand all the risks involved and make sure you take precautions. No one else should be near the chipper when it is running. Debris can fly and cause injury to anyone in the immediate area. You can also be pulled in if you aren't careful and this could lead to the loss of limbs and/or death.

Safety gear you want to wear

You want to make sure you wear the appropriate safety gear to properly avoid injury. This gear includes semi-tight fitting clothing, safety goggles, a hard hat, ear plugs, gloves and work boots. Loose clothing puts you at risk for getting caught in the wood chipper.

Precautions when working with a wood chipper

Always follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer of the chipper. Be sure you are fully trained on proper operation of the chipper and don't allow anyone not fully trained to use it.

Set the chipper on level, sturdy ground and verify the wheels are secured in place and the chipper isn't going to move. Never open the access covers or the doors until the drum and disc has stopped completely.

Have an area clear of workers and other equipment for the wood chipper to be used. Inform everyone to not walk near the chipper and set a clear boundary by marking ground lines in chalk, putting up flag lines or using another clear and easily seen border.

By following the advice in this article, you will significantly decrease the chances of having an accident while you are using the wood chipper. Always stay alert and be fully aware of your surroundings and everything going on when you are working with the wood chipper.


29 July 2015

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