3 Maintenance Tips To Help With Storing Your Harvester For Less Maintenance Next Year


One of the pieces of equipment that get used on the farm just once a year is the combine harvester. This is also a piece of equipment that requires maintenance and repairs every year. Before the harvest season, you may take the combine out to start doing repairs. If you want to reduce repairs and maintenance to reduce downtime and repairs that can be costly, doing maintenance before you store the harvester is essential. Here are some maintenance tasks that you can do to ensure your combine is ready to go next year:

1. Removing Debris And Leftover Grain From The Combine Parts

When you are harvesting during the season, your machine can collect a lot of debris. This can be grain that is left over in the bin and the auger arm. There may also be hay that builds up in the out-feed of the machine. As you use the machine, remove these materials daily to optimize performance and reduce breakdowns. In addition, clean the machine thoroughly to remove these materials before you get ready to store it for the season.

2. Use And Air Nozzle For Cleaning Parts And Dust Before Storing

When you get the harvester out for the season, you may clean it with a pressure washer. This can be fine when you are going to use the machine and water does not get trapped in the machine. But when you get ready to store the machine, water can lead to corrosion and damage of parts. Using an air nozzle and compressor to clean components before storing, instead of a pressure washer, can reduce moisture and potential for corrosion and damage to parts.

3. Check All Fluids And Oil And Grease Components That Are Likely To Dry Out

The combine being stored for many months can mean the fluids settle and leave the machine exposed to problems like freezing. To ensure your machine is safely stored, top off all the fluids of the machine and make sure it has coolant. In addition, grease all moving parts and belts that are likely to dry out during winter months. You can use greased cloths to cover parts that may be exposed to the elements to keep them safe during storage.

These are some of the maintenance and repair tasks that can help ensure your harvester needs less maintenance during harvest times. If you need parts for repairs before putting the machine up, contact a service or buy combine parts online for your end-of-season maintenance. 


27 September 2016

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