3 Must-Have Attachments For Your Compact Utility Loader


If you work in an agricultural setting, access to the right machinery can make a significant impact on the ease with which you can complete daily tasks. A compact utility loader gives you the ability to use a single piece of equipment to accomplish multiple tasks. In order to ensure that your compact utility loader is as versatile as possible, you need to invest in the right attachments.

Here are three must-have attachments to purchase for your agricultural compact utility loader in the future.

1. Adjustable Forks

When you are working within an agricultural environment, you are often required to move heavy objects from one location to another. Whether you need to relocate a pallet filled with bags of fertilizer or several bales of hay, having the ability to move multiple objects at once can help save you time and energy.

When you have adjustable forks that are designed specifically for use with your compact utility loader, you have the ability to turn your machine into a forklift. The adjustable forks allow you to load a pallet with heavy items, and then transport them all in a single trip.

2. Lightweight Bucket

If you find that you routinely need to move large quantities of earth as part of your agricultural activities, then investing in a lightweight bucket for your compact utility loader can be beneficial. The bucket makes it possible to pick up large scoops of dirt with your machine, then move this dirt to a more desirable location with ease.

Whether you are cleaning out stalls or clearing a field in preparation for planting, having access to a lightweight bucket for your compact utility loader can make your earth-moving tasks a lot easier.

3. Stump Grinder

Dead or decaying trees can pose a real threat to agricultural production. Cutting down these trees leaves stumps behind that make it difficult to sow a field and could pose an injury risk to livestock that may trip over the stumps as they graze.

Grinding these stumps below ground level will help you make your agricultural land more useful. You can easily use your compact utility loader to get rid of unwanted stumps when you invest in a stump grinder attachment for your machine.

Finding ways to make your compact utility loader more useful could be as simple as investing in a few useful attachments for this versatile machine. With adjustable forks, a lightweight bucket, and a stump grinder, you will be able to better manage your agricultural activities in the future.

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15 November 2016

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